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Welcome! •••

My name is Audrey or 2D!I'm a French Canadian artist from Montreal that loves to create and brings joy to others!Thank you for looking into my work and hope to collaborate with you on future project!


Please read through and fill out the form for aquire or DM
I will reply to your request within 48H.


- Make sure to visit my portfolio (and see if my style is suitable for your project)
- Have a reference picture for your project. I do not work with description only.
- Artwork produced is for personal use only. (If you plan to monetize this design for commercial use, please mention this so we can discuss terms.)
- Your in-progress pieces are subject to be streamed unless specified otherwise.
- I retain full rights to the final artwork and may use it in any way I wish (posting online, portfolio use, etc.).
- No refund possible if I already started your artwork. Refunds will only be issued if the commission hasn't yet started.


- Commission request is submitted.
- In the next 48 hours the commission will be reviewed and either be:
A. Approved and replied with follow-up information
B. Added to the waitlists
- The invoice will be sent and the first sketch will begin.
- Once the sketch is approved the first 50% payment should be sent to officialize the commission work.
- After the 50% payment is received, the typical delivery for a commission is 1-2 weeks for emotes and 2-3 weeks for illustration.
- During every step of the project I will be updating the commissioner on each step. (Sketch, Line Art, and Colors).
- Once the commission is completed I will be requesting the final 50% and give you access to the final files!
*It is possible to request changes for free before the line art is finalized, but after this step is approved no changes other than Colors can be made.


- I accept payment through PAYPAL ONLY All prices are in USD.

FANART, OC'SPortrait
Anthro/Furyhateful imagery

Before commissioning please have :

- Reference picture of your character.
- Descriptions of poses/emotions or even reference. ( idealy dot pointed )

•••illustration commission•••

If you have a preferred style from the following example please include it in your commission description. If not specified I will select on my own

Commercial rates

If your piece will be for commercial use; Merchandise, advertisement cover art. Your commission categories as an Commercial commission. The price will be adjusted to a Hour rate of 25$/H for the piece of work.


$ 90 USD

Size 300 DPI
- 15-80 USD complexity of background
- 15 - 80 USD for Weapon/Armor
- Additional character + 70 % of price
for more example visit my Portfolio


$ 120 USD

Size: 1500x2000
- Large format
- Simple background + 5 $ USD / Background + $ 20 USD
- Additional character + 50 % of price
- +15-75 USD for weapon/armor
for more example visit my Portfolio


$ 60 USD

- Full body
- Delivery time: 3 - 15 days
for more details contact me

•••emote commission•••


$ 35 USD each | 5 for $ 160 USD | 8 for $250

Size: 500x500 -112x112


$ 20 USD each | + $ 5 color variation | 6 for $ 100

Size: 200x200 - 72x72




Artist Alley

Quebec Comic-con 2021
Fanexpo Limited 2021
Anime Los Angeles 2022
Calgary Fanexpo 2022
Yeticon 2022
Montreal Comic-con 2022
Anime North 2022
Anime Matsuri 2022
Otakuthon 2022
EVO 2022
CEOtaku 2022

★ Thank you for visiting my portfolio ★